Will & Sammy’s MoviePod

We interrupt your regularly scheduled 32 Fans pod to bring you the debut episode of Will & Sammy’s MoviePod. Will Seamon and Sammy Chester are both 32 Fans listeners and movie fanatics. One of them is related to one of the 32 Fans co-hosts. He also just ran the Boston Marathon, and his brother feels bad that he didn’t go to Boston to cheer him on, so instead he agreed to publish this podcast.

Will and Sammy discuss theĀ movies they liked and disliked from the first three months of 2019 (8:30), with a special focus on High Flying Bird (31:20) andĀ Us (43:00).

Let us know if you like it and if you want to hear more of this. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. Also let us know if you hate this and never want to hear it again.

And by the time you’re listening to this, Sammy finished the Boston Marathon and then flew across the world with 5 of his nephews. So congrats and thank you, Sammy!

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