Will & Sammy’s MoviePod: June

Booksmart may be our feature this month, but we fly far beyond the high schools of LA, discussing westerns, easterns and — with special guest Zach Brooks — the best movies ever associated with the island country of Malta (31:00), from the neo-noir of Bogart to the star power of Maximus, Achilles, Bond, and of course, Popeye.

The May movies we recommend, besides Booksmart:
John Wick 3; Deadwood; Funny Story, Shadow. And for those seeking a challenge, there is the Chinese dreamscape Long Day’s Journey into Night and a movie three decades in the making, The Killing of Don Quixote.

Classics Corner:
The Dawn Wall (2018); Kicking and Screaming (1995); Eyes Without a Face (1960)

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32 Fans
Will & Sammy's MoviePod: June