NFL Mock Draft

It’s an extra special episode this week as we go back to our roots, conducting a 32 Fans NFL Mock Draft featuring 32 fan experts (well, 31).

Alex and Akiva are joined by NFL draft expert Jordan Kalish, who presents his own mock draft, risking permanent podcast banishment if it isn’t successful.

A special thank you to all this week’s guests and drafters:
Los Angeles: Jordan Roose
Philadelphia: Shamir Seidman
San Diego: Richard Wade
Dallas: Jordan Parhar
Jacksonville: Alban Brooke
Baltimore: Kevin Gordy
San Francisco: Fima Shlimel
Cleveland: Jim Latronica
Tampa Bay: Kyle Appleyard
N.Y. Giants: Yoni Wiesel
Chicago: Ari Gleicher
New Orleans: Andrew Juge of and Paul Elliott
Miami: Eli Gray
Oakland: Adam Brooks
Tennessee: Jamal Black of The Two Tone Crew Podcast
Detroit: Case and Chris of The Detroit Lions Podcast
Atlanta: Harry Schaefer
Indianapolis: Jake Lewin
Buffalo: Dayle Hodge
N.Y. Jets: Akiva, Jordan, Av Sinensky, Harold Rosengarten
Washington: Steven Apter
Houston: Yoni Pollack of House of Houston
Minnesota: Alex
Cincinnati: Zach Sosna
Pittsburgh: Jim Hersperger
Seattle: Josh Grashin and Jack Varon
Green Bay: Stephen Sherman
Kansas City: Jake Sebrow
New England (purely for schadenfreude purposes): Michael Clark
Arizona: Tom Donlan of British Birdgang Blog
Carolina: JP ‘The Pope’ Tremarzo of Carolina Cat Chronicles
Denver: Michael  Bateman

32 Fans
32 Fans
NFL Mock Draft