April Basketball Ramblings

Akiva starts off this week’s episode by trying to commit Alex to attending the RHAP afterparty in New York next week. Then Alex whips out his notebook where he jotted down thoughts while watching basketball and sipping chardonnay Wednesday evening, and the episode quickly dives further into Alex’s demented mind.

Topics covered this week include:

  • the NBA vs. college basketball
  • some hot takes on women’s basketball (including Akiva beating his wife but only lasting five minutes)
  • random player comparisons (James Harden and Dante Bichette, Dirk Nowitzki and Peyton Manning, Yao Ming and Brad Daugherty)
  • Akiva defends being a Spurs fan instead of a Knicks fan, claiming the Knicks weren’t good when he was a kid (EDITOR’S NOTE: From 1987-2001, when Akiva was age 4-17, the Knicks made the playoffs 14 consecutive years, made two¬†finals appearances, and were the fourth best team in the NBA¬†behind only the Bulls, Jazz and Rockets)
  • Akiva tells a sad story about missing the Spurs’ first title because he was at camp
  • Alex proposes ranking American cities in terms of sports fandom
  • Akiva hates on Karl-Anthony Towns (who, it should be noted, as a rookie already has a better PER and TS% than Paul George’s career highs)
  • the demise of Alex’s long-running fantasy football league

At the end of this week’s episode we get to this week’s bet, which is a home run draft (with a religious twist!).

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April Basketball Ramblings