268. #GOT2020 & “Mets Preview” with Rob Cesternino

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones and even more characters running for president in 2020, so Alex, who two years ago compared every NFL team to a GOT character, compares every 2020 POTUS aspirant to a GOT character.

Then (at 43 minutes) Keev’s better half (Rob Cesternino) joins 32 Fans, purportedly for the annual Mets/MLB preview. But the conversation immediately gets off the rails and turns into a meandering banter session that covers a variety of topics, including the necessity of keeping a personal calendar, Game of Thrones character power rankings, whether Rob should join 32 Fans in Minnesota, how Orthodox Jewish traditions seem to outsiders, and Rob and Akiva scheduling their upcoming podcasts. (It’s also possible that baseball is discussed for five minutes.)

32 Fans
32 Fans
268. #GOT2020 & "Mets Preview" with Rob Cesternino