199. Win Akiva Wienerkur’s Money

This week Alex and Keev discuss the second round of the NBA playoffs, Kawhi Leonard (because of course), the Twins and Mets, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, in which sport we’re least likely to see an expansion team win it all, and the death of NASCAR. Then, under Alex’s protest, Keev plays a trivia game with a lucky guest. Will he win? Will he lose? Is this the start of a successful new 32 Fans podcast segment? Or is Alex right that this is really dumb? Find out!

Don’t forget to email either of us (full name at gmail dot com) with questions for next week’s special AMA featuring the wives.

This week’s outro is It’s All or Nothing by David Broza.

32 Fans
32 Fans
199. Win Akiva Wienerkur's Money