188. Av’s Top 87 Movies of 2017

Noted cinephile Av Sinensky is back with his ranking of every movie he saw in 2017.

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SPOILER ALERT TIME STAMPS (skip these parts of the podcast if you haven’t seen these movies and are considering doing so (which you should)):
Brigsby Bear: spoilers from 28:00 to 31:30
The Florida Project: spoilers from 1:13:00 to 1:14:15
Ingrid Goes West: spoilers from 1:28:10 to 1:28:50

If you haven’t yet done so, you may send us your top 10 movies of 2017, which will be discussed on next week’s podcast.

This week’s outro is a terrible “song” selected by Keev called The Pure and the Damned by Oneohtrix Point Never, featuring the legendary Iggy Pop.

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188. Av's Top 87 Movies of 2017