1. Green Bay Packers; Alex & Akiva’s Playoff Predictions & Week 1 Lines

It’s day 32 of 32 Fans in 32 Days, which means Akiva and Alex have reached the mountaintop, and they’re joined there by Stephen Sherman to discuss the top ranked Green Bay Packers. Alex discusses his disgust with the state of Wisconsin and accidentally mocks Mike McCarthy as he mourns the loss of his brother. He also tells a story from the 1991 World Series but Akiva is unimpressed. Alex then goes on a rant against fans and teams who expect starters to help their backups steal their jobs. Alex also rants yet again about the Nate Poole game. Stephen drops a #hottake about the Dez Bryant catch. Stephen already likes Aaron Rodgers more than Brett Favre, because like Elaine Benes, he cannot abide a bad breaker upper.

After Stephen’s departure Alex and Akiva recap the podcast series, make their playoff predictions, and announce a new weekly podcast, in which they’ll review the previous week’s games and guess the lines a la Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal. The playoff predictions are repeatedly interrupted by a ridiculous argument about whether geographic regions should be listed geographically or alphabetically. But once it’s time to announce predictions for Super Bowl 50, Akiva makes some real headlines.

32 Fans
32 Fans
1. Green Bay Packers; Alex & Akiva's Playoff Predictions & Week 1 Lines