Chicago Cubs: The Story of the Past 100 Years

It’s October 14, 1908 and there are 6,210 fans at Bennett Park in Detroit. The Cubs have a 3 games to 1 lead over the Tigers. The Cubs jump out to a first inning lead, add another one in the fifth, and beat the Tigers 2-0. This was the Cubs second straight World Series Championship, and they were a forced to be reckoned with. Hard to believe that 101 years (and counting) later they have yet to win another series. It has been 64 years since their last World Series appearance (in 1945 they also faced the Detroit Tigers). The Loveable Losers have had their troubles over the past century.

1918 World Series: The Chicago Cubs lose to the Boston Red Sox. This would be the Sox’s last World Series Championship until 2004.

Sunday October 5, 1945: Billy Sianis attempts to enter Wrigley Stadium with a goat. He was asked to leave and stated “The Cubs aint gonna win no more.” Sianis 1 Cubs 0

1969: A black cat is released at Shea Stadium during a Cubs-Mets Game. Cubs fans blame this event for the team choking away first place. (Seems odd to see that the Mets weren’t the team to choke.)

Sidenote: Bill Buckner was the first baseman for the Cubs before being dealt to the Red Sox. Everyone knows how he turned out.

1984: After winning the first two games at Wrigley, the Cubs lost all three in San Diego to fail to reach the World Series.

2003: The NLDS victory against the Atlanta Braves was the Cubs first postseason series win since 1908. With 5 outs left in Game 6, He Who Should Not Be Named reached out to catch a foul ball, deflecting it away from Moises Alou. Then Alex Gonzalez misplayed a double play ball, and the Marlins eventually won the game. The Marlins were able to win Game 7, and went on to win the World Series.