Week 2 Review/Week 3 Lines

Recorded in the afterglow of a huge Jets victory on Monday Night Football, Akiva is so exuberant that he brings on a guest in fellow Jets fan (and podcast alum) Av Sinensky, who makes sure to diss Colts fan Jake Lewin. Alex also scrambles back aboard the Vikings bandwagon, “crowing” about the win over Detroit and dismissing the loss to San Francisco as “anomalous.” As the podcast continues late into the night Akiva gets more and more sleepy, though he’s also distracted as he plans for Alex’s impending visit. Av’s debut performance in guessing the lines goes very well, and he also chastises famous Mets advocate Etan Bednarsh (who also occasionally advocates on other issues, as long as they’re still Mets related) for a poor opinion on NFL scheduling. Speaking of bad schedules, Alex’s 9 month old crawls into the room (at 1 in the morning!) halfway through the podcast, though he expresses no strong opinions on the injury bug taking out half of the NFC quarterbacks. Alex signs off on the last podcast he’ll record on U.S. soil for a few weeks, while he and Akiva conclude that perhaps they’re better off not meeting face to face.