Week 17 Preview

Akiva and Alex open this week’s episode with an announcement about a new weekly wager. They read a listener review which leads to more questions than answers. Alex complains about dollar stores and the guys solicit listeners to propose a new name for the podcast. This week’s wager draft is about NFL coaches to be fired, and Akiva jumped out to a 1-0 lead within minutes of the conclusion of recording the podcast. Akiva also muses about a draft of friends’ wives (and in Alex’s case, dad) who hate him. Akiva’s words from the week 4 preview episode come back to bite him — in more ways than one. The guys recall the 1991 San Francisco 49ers and then turn to a reader email from Superfan Robby, which gets Alex going about Teddy Bridgewater again (although this time Akiva and Alex basically agree). The young QB discussion segues into a conversation about whether Cam Newton is still the MVP or whether someone else deserves the award ahead of him, and then the guys conclude by discussing which teams will be in the market for new starting quarterbacks this offseason.