Week 15 Preview

Alex and Akiva are back and better late than never. They start this week’s episode by spending too much time talking about fantasy football, including describing the punishments for the last place team in Alex’s league. They then compare Jameis Winston to Marcus Mariota, and also criticize the peculiarities of NFL award voting. Alex argues that the Falcons are worse than their record, while Akiva recaps the entire 2000 season for the N.Y. Jets. The guys then speculate who would win on a neutral field between this year’s Vikings and Jets. Akiva argues that you HAVE to go to the Super Bowl if your team is in it, which leads to both Alex and Akiva reminiscing about shopping for Super Bowl tickets when the Vikings and Jets were in the conference title games.
Alex relives the last 13 seconds of the Vikings/Cardinals game last Thursday, and both guys share their disinterest in Star Wars while recapping the end of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s latest Euroleague result. Akiva wants to rank his top podcasts of the year next week, which leads Alex to pay tribute to Mike Pesca’s The Gist, the best podcast in the game. In listener mail, Alex notes that superfan Robby lives in the same building as Regis Philbin, who Akiva mentioned in last week’s episode. This leads Akiva to wonder what the consequences would be for asking a neighbor for an autograph, which leads to Akiva telling the story of the time he accidentally asked Aaron Glenn for Keyshawn Johnson’s autograph. Alex responds with his own story of mixing up two similarly aged men of similar ethnic backgrounds, in this case two old white Democratic politicians named Joe.