Week 15 Preview

Akiva start off this week’s episode by raving about NFL Scorigami and wishing Alex dead (and more). Then the guys give an update about the 32 Fans Pick Em Pool playoffs and complain about fantasy websites including dead leagues in their percentages. Akiva asks listeners to leave iTunes reviews and then the guys finally get to the week 15 games (5:50). Alex remembers drafting Antonio Gates before he was Antonio Gates (evidence), which starts the first argument of this week’s episode. The guys discuss who should be the NFL MVP (21:30), at which point Akiva’s audio got dropped from the recording, forcing Alex to do his Akiva impersonation (which sounds kind’ve like the rabbi on Seinfeld) to recreate everything Akiva said for about 8 minutes. Here is Alex’s tweet showing that Jordan Howard has had a better season than Zeke Elliott. Akiva’s audio comes back at the 31 minute mark, though you may not be able to tell since Alex’s impression is so spot on. When Alex and Akiva get to the Giants/Lions game, they give a detailed response to Superfan Robby’s Giants email. Here is the PFF article listing Ereck Flowers as the 3rd worst player in the NFL in week 13 (he was slightly better in week 14). Here is the Eli dropped interception GIF. Here is the tweet showing Eli leading the league in turnover-worthy plays. Akiva drops a spicy #hottake about Tom Brady (39:15). Finally (40:15) the guys try to recap the previous day’s fight over the Pool of Pools, which leads to a new fight, which wakes up Alex’s wife and gets him kicked out of the house.