Week 14 Preview

Recorded Monday afternoon (but posted later, yet another shortcoming Alex will blame on his new baby), Akiva introduces the Pool of Pools: We are looking for people interested in joining a 12-month pool for 2017 in which the participants will make picks on something different each month (i.e. January: NFL playoffs; February: Super Bowl Props; March: March Madness; April: NBA Playoffs; etc.). Monthly winners will get small prizes but the ultimate champion will be the person who does the best over all 12 months. Email (our full names at gmail) or tweet either of us (@achester99, @keev26) if you’re interested in joining.

We also make week 14 predictions (8:25), while ranking this week’s games from worst to best. Alex and Akiva also pledge to boycott a Giants/Ravens Super Bowl if it comes to that. #imnotwatching

At the end of the episode Akiva starts talking about Alex’s son’s bris (which took place Tuesday morning), which somehow segues to the Penn State scandal, which quickly leads the guys to end the episode before they say something they’ll really regret.

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Week 14 Preview