Week 13 Preview

This week Akiva & Alex rank the week 13 games from 16 to 1 in order of excitement. The podcast gets off to a rough start because Akiva isn’t paying attention. When he finally starts listening, Alex asks whether Tony Romo is finished, which leads to a discussion of Donovan McNabb’s borderline Hall of Fame career, which was surprisingly finished by age 34. Akiva argues that 11 teams could conceivably win the Super Bowl this year, more than at this point in most seasons. Akiva also hates on Roddy White, and the guys spend too much time analyzing the Sunday Night Football flexing strategy. Akiva and Alex then both mention fantasy football players nobody has heard of, and they get into a ridiculous argument about who’s more popular in New York, the Giants or the Mets. And Superfan Robby writes in to ask what Peyton Manning’s first job will be after he retires.