Week 10 Preview & the top 16 NFL Head Coaches

Akiva and Alex jump back in where they left off last week, ranking NFL head coaches 16 to 1.  We start with #16 Chuck Pagano before learning of Andrew Luck’s injury, but once the news comes out we jump back and rerecord, allowing both Alex and Akiva to show off their deep medical knowledge of the kidney. This also results in a tangent where Alex complains about Akiva reneging on his promise to bring Alex on as a guest for the Marine Biologist episode of Akiva and Rob‘s Seinfeld podcast.

After discussing Seinfeld but before getting back to football, we talk MLB HOF voting (Alex stumps hard for Jim Edmonds and prefers Billy Wagner to Trevor Hoffman). Akiva wants to discuss the Atlanta Hawks epic comeback and the young T-Wolves great comeback to the comeback. Back on baseball, Akiva asks Alex for his expert opinion on Korean power hitters.

Remembering this is a football podcast, the guys turn to coach #15, Mike Zimmer, which leads to Alex ranting about the hatred of Gregg Williams in Minnesota, and Akiva tries to get Alex and his dad fired for offensive comments about Hurricane Katrina.

Coach #13 is Riverboat Ron Rivera, and Alex goes back to 2003 to dismiss Cam Newton MVP talk.

Coach #8 Tom Coughlin gets compared to, among other people, Eli Manning, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jesse Ventura.

When talk turns to the Thursday Night game, Jets fan Harold Rosengarten sends us a voice mail about Troll Rex Ryan. The episode is poised to close with a debut appearance by Superfan Robby, joining to talk college coaches who deserve NFL jobs, but a personal tragedy delays his debut by another week (RIP to the twins).

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Week 10 Preview & the top 16 NFL Head Coaches