There Will Be Pod Sports Movies Tournament of Champions – FINALE (feat. guests Will Leitch & Cliff Corcoran)

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The Sports Movies Tournament of Champions finale is here – after watching and bracketing ~300 sports movies over the past ten months, it all comes down to the remaining 16 movies as they contend for the crown of best sports movie of all time.

Here is the tourney bracket updated through Sweet 16. Here is the clean bracket from the start of the 64-movie tourney.

Our guest judges for the finale are two baseball savants and movie experts, Will Leitch (@williamfleitch) and Cliff Corcoran (@CliffCorcoran). Cliff was the overwhelming choice of listeners to return after joining us for the Balboa Region. Make sure to check out his baseball writing at The Athletic, Baseball Prospectus for his upcoming series on baseball movies, as well as his collaboration on the baseball podcast, The Infinite Inning.

The founder of Deadspin, Will’s comments on sports, movies and culture at large can be found at New York, the Grierson & Leitch Movie Podcast, as well as his personal website. Don’t miss Will and Tim Grierson’s write-up in Vulture of the 50 best sports movies.

Check out our podcast for episodes covering the earlier rounds in this tourney, as well as the episodes devoted to movies for each sport – baseball, basketball, Olympics, boxing and so much more.

To nerd out, you can see the full movie list here, including the results, rankings and critics grades for all the sports movies we watched over the last year.

Outro: “Dear Basketball” (2017) Kobe Bryant, Glen Keane, John Williams