Super Bowl Props

Akiva and Alex preview the Super Bowl and make 42 prop bets. Akiva is dismayed by Alex’s anti-jersey position. Alex shares a story about being unable to determine gender on the ski slopes, and his kids repeatedly interrupt the podcast, which partly explains why he doesn’t attend Super Bowl parties anymore, to Akiva’s chagrin. Later Alex asks Akiva about his earliest sports memories, which leads to a ridiculous argument about the memory of young children. Akiva asks why we don’t have AFC and NFC Championship MVPs, but Alex counters by proposing that the NBA, MLB and NFL each replace individual playoff round MVP awards with a “Playoffs MVP” (which Akiva proposes naming the Roger Goodell Trophy). As we recorded Monday afternoon immediately before the Iowa caucuses, Akiva and Alex make their Iowa predictions. Spoiler alert: We both correctly predicted Cruz would beat Trump, Alex predicted Rubio would do better than expected, and we disagreed on Hillary/Bernie, as did the Democrats of Iowa, apparently. Finally, Akiva tries to ward off an Alex rant about ESPN’s all-time NBA rankings, but Alex does sneak in a complaint about Bill Simmons overrating every single Boston Celtic star.