Regular Season Wrap-Up and Wild Card Preview Extravaganza!

An action packed episode of 32 Fans in 32 Days this week. We start off with Akiva mourning both the Jets and his poor prognostication. In addition to recapping our various bets and picks, we review our preseason guests’ predictions, giving special shoutouts to the most (Jayden Watts,┬áSteven Apter, Michael Bateman, Zach Sosna) and least (Eston Stogner, Jim Latronica, Michael Newman, Michael Newman, Shamir Seidman, Michael Pottash, Jacob Lewin) accurate among them. This week’s wager/draft covers the upcoming baseball Hall of Fame voting, but then it’s time to buckle down and preview each of the four wild card games. For Kansas City/Houston we welcome back preseason guests Yoni Pollak (editor of House of Houston) and Cole Hogan. For Pittsburgh/Cincinnati we welcome back Zach Sosna for the third time and introduce Jim Hersperger. Josh Grashin comes back to discuss his Seahawks against the Vikings, and for Green Bay/Washington we bring back the Daily Show classic Even Stevphen, as Steven Apter and Stephen Sherman butt heads. Don’t forget to tweet at keev26 if you’re interested in joining any of Akiva’s playoff pools!