MoviePod – Football Movie Tourney (feat. guest Robbie Wilkinson)

Texas football coach Robbie Wilkinson (@robwilkinson777) joins the moviepod hosts to decide the best football movies of all time, with six deserving movies earning tickets to the 64 all sports movie tournament 32Fans Movies is hosting in March 2020.
Any Given Sunday (holy freemasons, Batman!), Jerry Maguire (and Av’s mom) plus Rudy, Brian’s Song and the unheralded North Dallas Forty are among the 25 football movies that make a run at number one.
You can check here to see the winners to date in our sports movie marathon (hockey, tennis and more) , plus explore every online ranking of football movies. For more moviepod episodes, including coverage of Joker, Hustlers and the upcoming Parasites, see here.
The outre song is “Madden 2000 Theme” by Ludacris.