Mournful Alex, Sick Akiva, Divisional Round Preview

Alex is too depressed to host a podcast this week … or to correctly set up his fancy new microphone. Akiva steps in to pinch hit as host, but his voice is deeper than usual (making him even better looking, according to Alex’s wife) thanks to a cold. Rather than discussing the Vikings game, Akiva tries to distract Alex by discussing 108 possible contenders for the football Hall of Fame.

After the draft, the guys preview the divisional round of the playoffs, bringing in guests to discuss the AFC games (Alex refuses to speak to anyone who roots for an NFC team after last Sunday). The Pats/Chiefs preview includes Michael Clark (@unsuccessstory) for New England and fan favorite Cole Hogan (@jayhawkcole) for Kansas City.

The Steelers/Broncos game also features a guest returning for the second consecutive week (Jim Hersperger, @jim68my) and a Michael returning for the first time since the preseason (Bateman, @mickbateman). In addition to making their usual predictions of winners of each game, Alex and Akiva also pick the winners ATS. Finally, Akiva and Alex make predictions for who will win the Super Bowl among the final 8 teams.

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Mournful Alex, Sick Akiva, Divisional Round Preview