Greatest Living American Final Four (feat. Jen)

Akiva and Alex start this week by drafting the remaining teams in the NCAA Sweet 16. They search Twitter to look into the popularity of Alex’s moniker for the tournament’s second round, the Thrifty 32. Then Akiva runs through Sports Illustrated’s greatest 100 moments in sports history.

Finally it’s time to get to the final four of the Greatest Living American tournament, featuring Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Muhammad Ali and Mark Zuckerberg. Alex reminisces about the early days of TheFacebook, including his story of sharing emails with Tyler Winklevoss, and Shmarya “Blasner” stories. When Alex and Akiva can’t agree as to who should advance to the #GLA championship, Alex brings in his wife as a third judge. But Dr. Jen Chester’s opinions are highly unpredictable.