Greatest 100 Movies (Part IV: 30 to 1)

With the NBA Finals and Game of Thrones both coming off among their greatest performances ever, Akiva finally consents to discussing those topics before jumping into the top 30 of the rankings for the greatest movies of the last quarter century. Akiva also reviews Bill Simmons’ new HBO show. Alex runs through his movies that “also received votes” but didn’t make the top 10, and he explains why TV is better than movies. Akiva and Alex reach complete consensus on a few of the top 10 movies, and Alex issues Septa Unella style SHAMES to 32 Fans┬álisteners who failed to rank The Big Lebowski. Akiva freaks out when Alex wishes a belated happy father’s day, and the podcast ends with Akiva randomly analyzing the ESPN┬áSportsCentury ranking of the top 100 (American?) athletes of the 20th century.

If you still haven’t submitted your list of the top 100 movies since 1991, you can do so until next Tuesday, when Alex and Akiva will be unveiling the cumulative listener rankings.