Best TV Shows of 2016

Akiva starts this week’s episode by discussing the celebrity deaths of 2016, but Alex isn’t paying attention until they get to football (5:15). Then (20:10) it’s time to discuss the top ten TV shows of 2016, but first Akiva threatens to quit the podcast if Alex doesn’t edit the episode per Akiva’s instructions. After arguing about the correct pronunciation of “Conan” and what counts as a TV show or a movie (along with other various arguments), Akiva finally gets to his top 10 list (34:40), followed by Alex’s (43:10) and the listeners’ (55:30). After wrapping up TV (1:02:30) the guys start arguing again about the editing of today’s episode again and Akiva issues a threat, then they try to predict which NFL coaches will be fired after Sunday’s games. Finally (1:09:50) the Pool of Pools gets mentioned in passing, leading to a re-ignition of that fight, with Alex threatening to quit the PoP, and Akiva one-upping him by kicking him out before he has a chance to quit. Akiva concludes today’s episode by insisting that dictatorships are better than democracies, because he knows better than everyone else what’s in their own best interests.