9, 8 & 7. AFC North Contenders: Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens

32 Fans in 32 Days gets you ready for a long holiday weekend with our longest podcast yet, a special triple-header looking at each of the contenders in the AFC North. First Joe Segal joins us to discuss the Steelers, as well as Alex’s fantasy football league’s losers bracket punishments, which include a “Toilet Bowl” license plate frame and, if Stuart Gasner had his druthers, an adult taking the SATs. Joe also predicts a shocking team to win the NFC, and Alex accidentally gives a spoiler as to who he thinks is the best team in football.

Zach Sosna then joins the show to discuss the Bengals, and there’s so much buzz about AJ McCarron replacing Andy Dalton in Cincinnati that the podcast is literally buzzing. Zach also dishes some free fantasy football advice. But while Steelers and Ravens fans respect each other’s teams, do they have much respect for the Bengals?

Finally the guys turn to the class of the division, the Baltimore Ravens, but not before discussing the 2000 Vikings. Michael Pottash joins the conversation and encourages the guys to respect tradition, history and ancestry. But Pottash is hard to impress, dismissing superlatives when discussing his team. In fact, Pottash is so calm that Alex turns into the more sanguine Ravens fan, especially when the talk turns to Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett. The guys not only discuss whether Joe Flacco is elite, they discuss what it means to even ask “Is Joe Flacco elite?” Pottash makes a comment about the discussion continuing after Flacco dies, which is eerily identical to a joke Drew Magary made in the Ravens edition of WYTS (which was posted the day after we recorded the podcast). Pottash also predicts a Phillip Rivers trade (after the trade deadline) and wonders why the NFL has a regular season at all. He concludes by condemning baseball’s second wild card and defending Ray Rice. Or, we pretend he does to defame him and garner better ratings for our podcast.

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9, 8 & 7. AFC North Contenders: Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens