5. Denver Broncos & 4. Indianapolis Colts

After a long holiday weekend and a longer August, we’ve finally made it to the 5 serious contenders to hold aloft the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl 50. We start today with Michael Bateman joining us to discuss the 5th-ranked Denver Broncos. We talk about Peyton Manning’s health and whether he’ll be back at 40 in 2016. Then Jacob Lewin shows up to talk about the 4th-ranked Indianapolis Colts, and the podcast quickly goes off the rails. Akiva discovers an old three-way GChat conversation between Akiva, Alex and Jake discussing the Trent Richardson trade. Akiva & Alex fondly recall the 2014 Winter Olympics fantasy league. Alex confesses his love of (GChat) three-ways. Jake drops the first F bomb we’ve had since the Jets podcast. 32 Fans alum and superfan Ari Gold gets his first 2015 podcast shoutout. Akiva recalls a 4-year old accusation of misogyny from Mets spokesperson Etan Bednarsh. The podcast gets interrupted repeatedly by Alex’s wife, who has #hottakes about Jim Harbaugh as Michigan loses to Utah. Alex displays a Minnesotan’s hatred of Wisconsin (to be clear, Etan, his hatred is of all Wisconsinites, regardless of gender). During the roster game Jake exposes himself as a questionable Colts fan, leading Akiva to pine for another guest. The guys share stories about meeting people who like to brag that they are tangentially related to athletes, and Akiva and Alex try out songs (the latter in falsetto) for the schedule segment. Jake finishes us off by discussing his dual loyalties to Peyton and Luck and makes a comment so offensive that it requires the podcast to debut a new drop.