32 Fans in 32 Days: 2016 AFC East Preview

Terrible technical problems as Akiva is stuck in his in-laws’ attic in South Florida, where Zika mosquitoes have destroyed the wifi. So a week after recording this episode, Alex and Akiva rerecord the podcast intro, in which they discuss the Olympics, Meryl Streep, summer beach reads, and writing things with other people.

Once they get to the official  podcast, in between audio problems, Akiva and Alex welcome their friends and AFC East fans Mike Clark for the Patriots, Esther Birnbaum for the Dolphins, Dayle Hodge for the Bills and Av Sinensky and Harold Rosengarten for the Jets. Alex and Akiva undergo marriage counseling, they gang up on Mike the Patriots/Yankees fan, Harold refuses to say the name of the Patriots head coach, and everyone wonders about Peppa Pig’s diet.