272. Alex & Keev Try to Start World War III (the European Championship Bracket Part I)

This week Alex & Keev conduct a bracket to determine the best country in Europe. Since we’re shamefully ignorant Americans, we invite European expert Pia Virolainen to help.

Spoiler alert: We get so deep into the weeds of the smallest countries of Europe that after an hour we’ve only made it to the Thrifty 32. So come back next week for the thrilling conclusion of the 32 Fans 2019 European Championship.

To see the current status of the bracket (with the top 16 seeds who got first round byes redacted, to maintain suspense for the reveal of the Thrifty 32 next week), click here.

This week’s outro is the Anthem of Europe. If the countries of Europe can’t unite in their collective hatred of this podcast, there’s no hope of them ever uniting.