192. Ranking the 100 Most Jewish Foods

Tablet Magazine recently put together a fantastic list of the 100 Most Jewish Foods, so Keev and Alex welcome Tablet’s Deputy Editor and co-host of the Unorthodox Podcast Stephanie Butnick (sbutnick on Instastuffism on Twitter).

Keev and Alex’s complete rankings of Tablet’s 100 Most Jewish Foods are here.

Attention Gentiles: If you make it all the way through this episode, you will officially be more Jewish than Karl Marx and Jared Kushner.

This week’s outro is an Israeli pop song from the 1970s mentioned by Alex during the episode, The Makolet Song (a makolet is an Israeli bodega), by the band Poogy. (And because Keev hates music, he insisted we also include a stupid punny YouTube video song, “Matzo Man“.)

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192. Ranking the 100 Most Jewish Foods