186. Random Nonsense

Just in case anyone decided to try out this podcast after reading Akiva’s Deadspin Olympics opuses (opi?), we’ve decided to chase them off with arguably the worst (certainly the least organized) episode in 32 Fans history. (Also, just to complete the poor quality of this episode, Alex had his mic but chose the wrong audio source on his recording app, so his audio quality sucks.)

Among the topics discussed are podcast hosts as matchmakers, NFL quarterback carousel, Olympian twitter followers, and an argument about which TV comedies we should argue about over the next six months.

Next week we will discuss — among other things — the Mary Tyler Moore Show episode Chuckles Bites the Dust, so watch that if you want to. Let us know on Facebook what shows to include in Keev’s best comedy episode bracket.

It is only fitting that an episode this random ends with Russian hip hop, so this week’s outro is Гамора – дыхание улиц. (Alex fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of Russian hip hop after watching a documentary about Russia’s coordinated doping scandal at the Sochi Olympics. He has no idea what the lyrics of this song are and really hopes they’re not neofascist or something like that.)

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186. Random Nonsense