184. Skeletons and Superb Owls (featuring Olympian AJ Edelman!)

With no major sporting events happening this weekend, Keev and Alex give their football Hall of Fame ballots┬ábefore skipping ahead to the upcoming Olympic Games with special guest AJ Edelman, Israeli Olympian skeletor (not what they’re actually called, we learn).

It turns out AJ is a Patriots fan, so the guys also do eventually get around to making picks for Lii the Superb Owl. Also, Keev explains what would lead him to start googling divorce lawyers before providing a sleeper Super Bowl MVP pick.

If you’re interested in Keev’s Super Bowl prop game, check out the 32 Fans Facebook group.

(Note: Alex Smith was traded to Washington right after we finished recording.)

This week’s outro is Skeletons by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.