14. New York Giants

Akiva and Alex let the mics roll pre- and post-interview to get a glimpse into their real relationship with each other and with today’s guest to discuss the 14th-ranked New York Giants, Josh Berliner. Even before the podcast officially start, Alex & Akiva issue an apology to the defamed Mets fan Abe Sutton. Once underway, the podcast starts with an analysis of Akiva’s hatred of melon and the relative merits of bologna sandwiches. Then the conversation turns to hating on Alex’s former roommates Dani (also a Giants fan) and Kornhauser (who was also Josh’s roommate years ago). Akiva and Josh go on a long rant about Kornhauser’s poor participation in their fantasy league, but most of that conversation has been edited out for the listener’s benefit. When the green light goes on, we start with a detailed analysis of the New York Jets 1992 season (as one does). So if you’re only interested in the 2015 Giants, skip ahead to the 19-minute mark.

Once the Giants finally enter the conversation, Akiva and Alex encourage Josh to miss his brother’s wedding, which conflicts with a Giants/Cowboys game this year. Our disrespect of Florida continues, as Josh bashes Kyle’s beloved Bucs and Akiva tags in to throw shade at Eli Gray and multiple franchises in Miami. As the podcast meanders towards a conclusion, Akiva claims he doesn’t know Jon Krause, an ESPN NFL pundit and friend to Alex and Josh, and Akiva predicts marital troubles for Archie and Olivia Manning. Then the podcast ends as it began as the trio partake in a Kornhauser bash, who no-shows at fantasy football drafts, bachelor parties and even weddings like it’s going out of style.

Oh, also, Josh makes podcast history in his predictions for the upcoming season. OR DOES HE??

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14. New York Giants