11(tie). Arizona Cardinals & Philadelphia Eagles

Akiva and Alex have two NFC bird teams tied at 11th in their rankings, so they’re forced to share a podcast on a Tuesday morning. But first Alex tries to tell a story about a bloody bris, but Akiva keeps interrupting to analyze the architecture of Alex’s childhood home. When it’s time to turn to the Arizona Cardinals, with Will Leitch unavailable this year, 32 Fans turns to its only anonymous guest, Kairi Zero 91. Kairi dominates the Roster Game like no previous guest (though the Eagles guest in the second half of this episode also excels), but later his fandom is questioned when he can’t remember the Nate Poole game (starring Josh McCown at the beginning of his career and Emmitt Smith at the end of his!), which Alex guesses is one of the top 5 Cardinals moments of all time. (The final play would be a bottom 5 moment all time for most franchises, but for the Vikings it barely registers.)

Kairi is high on the Cardinals, but no one has bought into Chip Kelly’s System more than Shamir Seidman, which means #hottakes will abound. Akiva objects to use of the term “walk off win” in football, but he does control himself from hating on Florida again. And Shamir reminisces fondly about 1995 AOL Jewish Teen Chat (ASL, anyone?).