119. Worst Living Americans Bracket

Last year it took Keev and Alex not one, not two, not three, but four episodes to determine who is the Greatest Living American. This week Keev and Alex look at the flip side of the coin, trying to find the Worst Living American. (A few ground rules: we eliminate convicted murderers and rapists, Nazis, and all politicians.) 32 despicable Americans from the sports world battle 32 despicable Americans from media and entertainment to vie for the crown as the worst person with American citizenship currently breathing. With a number of disagreements, Keev and Alex turn to whichever of their friends are on GChat to break the ties (including Josh, Yoni, Jake, Shamir, Harold, Shmarya, Superfan Robby, Noam and Amir).

Keev and Alex ultimately cannot agree as to the winner of the second semifinal matchup, but they agree that that winner will thrash the other semifinalist in the finals, so Keev will be posting a Twitter poll this week to allow listeners to help determine the official 32 Fans Worst Living American.

Next week our #hottake judge will be back from Canada to judge the 32 Fans #HotTakeOff. If you have any #hottakes, it’s not too late to email or tweet them at us.

This week’s outro song is Elvis by Chancellor Warhol.

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119. Worst Living Americans Bracket