109. Prelude to the Greatest American Athlete Bracket

This week Keev and Alex jump into their 2017 march madness – it’s a 64-person bracket to determine the greatest American athlete of all time.

Before we get going, we discuss the Boogie trade. Then we lose an hour-and-a-half of audio, so a week later we come back to rerecord, and this time we discuss Akiva’s new baby, the Oscars fiasco, and asking your future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Finally we jump into the preliminary contenders for the Greatest Athlete bracket. We’re also joined by 32 Fans NFL Pick Em Pool runner up Emily Easterly to discuss the greatest American open wheel racers.

Click here to vote for the final entrants to the field of 64.

This week’s outro song is Deadline by Young Fathers.