100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (Part III: The Top Ten)

In Part I (iTunes) we covered the 51st to 100th greatest TV shows of all time. In Part II (iTunes) we covered the 50th to 11th best TV shows of all time (except for Akiva, who only went up to #12). So here on Part III Akiva introduces his top 11 television shows of all time before Alex introduces his top 10 and the critics’ top 10. Then Alex and Akiva critique the listeners’ lists before introducing the 32 Fans listeners’ consensus top 10 TV shows of all time.

Also Akiva informs Alex that he’s now required to watch an entire season of a South Korean reality show (Alex withholds his homework assignment for Akiva for another episode) and Alex shares an unexciting story from a Las Vegas bachelor party.


The entire TV show lists (Akiva, Alex, critics, all our listeners) can be found here.