381. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #4 San Francisco 49ers

Eric Gillen previews the defending NFC champs with Alex.

380. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #13 Green Bay Packers

Alex regrets ranking the Packers where he did a month ago, as he’s come to the conclusion that Aaron Rodgers is done and the Packers are trash.

379. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #22 Denver Broncos

Evan Desroches joins 32 Fans to preview the Denver Broncos.

378. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #20 Houston Texans

Keev and Alex discuss the Houston Texans, which animals would be the best at basketball, and whatever else they can squeeze in before the bomb.

377. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #14 Buffalo Bills

Alex and Keev try to make up their minds about how they feel about the Bills.

376. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #18 Atlanta Falcons

Keev and Alex preview the Falcons.

375. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #15 Tennessee Titans

Titans fan Brandon Hilyard wants to know why the Titans can’t get any damn respect.

374. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #3 New Orleans Saints

Alex talks about why God will not permit the Saints to win the Super Bowl this year, while Keev tries to play some games.

373. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #24 Chicago Bears

Jake Freud joins Keev to discuss the scintillating QB controversy between Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles in Chicago.

372. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #28 New York Jets

Jared Jerome and Harold Rosengarten join for a four-man Jets preview. (Join Patreon at patreon.com/32Fans to get an extended version that goes way past the bomb!)

371. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Keev and Alex preview the Bucs and Alex compares Brady to every Hall of Famer who ever starred for a new team late in his career.

370. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #5 Seattle Seahawks

Every year 32 Fans welcomes Keev’s former roommate Josh Grashin on to talk Seahawks and this year is no different. Every year Keev and Alex get into a fight about technology and this year is no different.

369. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #2 Baltimore Ravens

Jeremy Wall joins Keev and Alex to preview Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

368. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #26 New York Giants

Yoni Wiesel is our most negative (some would say “most accurate” or “least homerific”) guest every year. Can we expect more of the same from him and the Giants in 2020, or can Joe Judge and Daniel Jones lead them back to the playoffs?

367. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #1 Kansas City Chiefs

Cole Hogan makes his triumphant return to 32 Fans as the spokesman for the defending world champions.

366. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #31 Jacksonville Jaguars

Michael Higgins joins Alex and Keev to talk about the 2020 Jaguars. Can they … steal the show?

365. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #16 Los Angeles Rams

Josh Lehmer stans the Los Angeles Rams and Ben & Jerry’s Triple Caramel Crunch AND WE’RE ALL OUT OF ICE CREAM so he’s here to discuss football and perhaps a murder most foul?

364. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #10 New England Patriots

Mike Clark is back again to complain about how the Patriots (and Yankees) are only great teams and not the indisputably best teams in their leagues. What a relatable situation.

363. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #8 Dallas Cowboys

Jordan Parhar returns from social media/podcast hibernation to preview the 2020 Cowboys with Akiva.

362. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #29 Cincinnati Bengals

Zach Sosna makes his annual return to 32 Fans to preview the Cincinnati Bengals.

361. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #30 Carolina Panthers

Keev and Alex discuss the Carolina Panthers and what it means when the #1 overall pick in fantasy football has a bye in week 13.

360. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #7 Philadelphia Eagles

Every year we welcome Eagles homer Shamir Seidman to tell us why he thinks the Eagles will go 14-2. Is this the year he thinks the Eagles don’t have it?

359. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #25 Las Vegas Raiders

Keev welcomes annual guest Adam Brooks to discuss the 2020 Las Vegas Raiders.

358. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #21 Los Angeles Chargers

Keev and Alex discuss the L.A. Chargers and survey listeners to gauge interest for the 32 Fans Fantasy Football Survivor League.

357. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #17 Arizona Cardinals

Alex and Keev spend 32 minutes on the Arizona Cardinals and definitely no other random subjects.

356. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #27 Miami Dolphins (Plus NBA Playoff Picks)

Keev and Alex are more interested in talking about the Heat than the Dolphins, so they spend most of today’s pod making NBA playoff picks.

355. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #9 Pittsburgh Steelers

The wheel keeps spinning, and today the guys preview the Pittsburgh Steelers.

354. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #11 Indianapolis Colts

Keev & Alex spin a wheel to determine their next preview, and it lands on Jake Lewin’s Indianapolis Colts. Now if only Jake was available at midnight on a random weeknight to record a podcast with no advanced notice…

353. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #32 Washington

The first (scheduled) NFL Sunday is 32 days away, so Keev and Alex are back with their annual NFL preview in which we preview a different team every day over the next 32 days. Today we start with a team so disorganized it doesn’t even have a name, so excuse us if we spend 29 minute discussing other matters. But hopefully we get to discuss this team at least a little before we watch out for that Chester bomb blast.

352. Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 3, Episode 7

Keev and Alex are without internet. Alex and Av are without power. Keev and Alex do a weekly podcast about nonsense. Alex and Av do a weekly podcast recapping Curb. Keev and Rob do a podcast recapping Season 3 Episode 7s. Keev is very sleepy this week, too sleepy to record a regular podcast. So we killed a few birds with one stone and combined podcasts for one week only.

351. MLB Over/Unders (Baseball Preview 2020)

Keev and Alex are joined by gambling expert Brett Farrenkopf to preview MLB and pick over/unders for all 30 teams.

This episode’s outro is Wait for the Moment by Vulfpeck, another Rapps special.


350. Alex, Keev & Rob Announce a Baseball Game

Alex and Keev are joined by play-by-play man Rob Cesternino to announce a Twins/Mets game on MLB The Show 20 created by listener JonJon. Late in the game a surprise guest joins the booth.

This episode is best enjoyed on video (which the surprise guest did not realize). Click here to watch.

This episode’s outro is Starting Line by Cory Wong, described by Zvi Rapps as “a nice little ditty” and by Dr. Jen as “cheesy 80s elevator music.”

349. Keev vs. Alex Trivia

Patron Abe Sutton submitted a number of 32 Fans episode ideas earlier in quarantine, and one of them was his offer to create a trivia contest between Keev and Alex to determine who is the trivia king.

348. Listener Nicknames with Kirsten MacInnis and Detroit Sports with Clarence Black

Keev and Alex are joined by Kirsten MacInnis to give listeners new nicknames and later Clarence Black joins to talk Detroit sports (and nothing else … if you’re not a Patron).

63. Every Hamilton Song, Ranked (Rebroadcast)

In honor of the release of #Hamilfilm, we’re reposting episode 63 from June 2016, when Mike Bloom, Jessica Frey and Dr. Jen joined Alex and Keev to listen to and rank all 46 songs from Hamilton. (The full song rankings can be found here.)

Happy Fourth!

347. Survivor Tocantins with Shannon Guss (P35 Rebroadcast)

Alex has seen a dozen full seasons of Survivor since this podcast was recorded a month ago, but Shannon Guss is so beloved that she shouldn’t be limited to the Patron feed.

346. Top 23 TV Shows of 2020

Keev and Alex banter and Alex ranks the 23 shows he’s completed so far in 2020.

345. Sports Mount Rushmores (Part 2)

Akiva and Alex run down the top 25 sports city Mount Rushmores, the final five with a captive audience (whose audio wasn’t recorded — oops).

344. North American Sports Town Mount Rushmores (Part 1)

There are 45 localities in North America with a team in one of the big four sports leagues. Today Alex and Keev argue over who belongs on the “Sports Mount Rushmore” of 20 of them.

343. The Top Ten Announcer Calls of the Last 35 Years

Akiva presents the ten best sports announcer calls of the last 35 years, but not before discussing a random Vikings/Lions game from December 1997 and an infamous Vinny Testaverde non-touchdown that helped bring instant replay back to the NFL.

For those who want to watch the videos of the 10 best, links are here:









1 (original)

1 (redux)

342. The Best Announcer Calls of the Last 35 Years (20-11)

Keev drops another ten gem sports calls.

Links to calls:
predecessor to 17

341½. Everyone’s Rusty in May

Keev wants to talk NFL schedule and possibly the 20th through 11th greatest sports announcer calls of the last 35 years, but Alex says his NFL knowledge is too rusty for in depth football talk in quarantine in May.

Since everybody’s Rusty in May, this episode’s outro is a song by a dude named Rusty.

341. The Best Announcer Calls of the Last 35 Years (30-21)

Keev continues his series of the best announcer calls.

Click the following links to watch the video:











340. The Best Announcer Calls of the Last 35 Years (40-31)

Keev and Alex spend 45 minutes discussing some of the best play-by-play calls of their lives and then 15 minutes screaming at each other about RAANAPily Feud.

For those who want to watch the videos of the greatest calls:

#31 and secondary version of #31

339. 32 Fans NFL Draft 2020

The NFL draft is upon us, which at the 32 Fans Podcast means Jordan Kalish and 32 guests (well, 26, because of a bunch of trades) are making their picks.

Thanks to all our drafters! To see (all three versions of) the entire 32 Fans draft, click here.

Sneak Peak: Patreon #26: Survivor Amazon Eps 9-11 (with Ali Lasher)

With Akiva and Alex taking a Passover/Easter break from the regular feed, we’re bringing you a recent Patreon episode in which Ali Lasher watched 11 hours of TV overnight in order to catch up and join us for the antepenultimate 32 Fans Patreon episode of Survivor Amazon.

In addition, this episode has a very special outro, never before published in its entirety to a mass audience, but produced here upon Ali’s request.

There Will Be Pod Sports Movies Tournament of Champions – FINALE (feat. guests Will Leitch & Cliff Corcoran)

The podcast formerly known as 32 Fans Movies is now called There Will Be Pod – subscribe here.

The Sports Movies Tournament of Champions finale is here – after watching and bracketing ~300 sports movies over the past ten months, it all comes down to the remaining 16 movies as they contend for the crown of best sports movie of all time.

Here is the tourney bracket updated through Sweet 16. Here is the clean bracket from the start of the 64-movie tourney.

Our guest judges for the finale are two baseball savants and movie experts, Will Leitch (@williamfleitch) and Cliff Corcoran (@CliffCorcoran). Cliff was the overwhelming choice of listeners to return after joining us for the Balboa Region. Make sure to check out his baseball writing at The Athletic, Baseball Prospectus for his upcoming series on baseball movies, as well as his collaboration on the baseball podcast, The Infinite Inning.

The founder of Deadspin, Will’s comments on sports, movies and culture at large can be found at New York MagazineMLB.com, the Grierson & Leitch Movie Podcast, as well as his personal website. Don’t miss Will and Tim Grierson’s write-up in Vulture of the 50 best sports movies.

Check out our podcast for episodes covering the earlier rounds in this tourney, as well as the episodes devoted to movies for each sport – baseball, basketball, Olympics, boxing and so much more.

To nerd out, you can see the full movie list here, including the results, rankings and critics grades for all the sports movies we watched over the last year.

Outro: “Dear Basketball” (2017) Kobe Bryant, Glen Keane, John Williams

338. Uni Number Bracket (Part II)

The guys update on their quarantines and conclude their riveting tournament to determine the best uniform number of all time (or do they?) and also discuss their favorite players from every NFL team.

Happy Easter and/or Passover to all those celebrating holidays home alone in the coming week! This episode’s outro is a Lion King parody Passover.

337. Uni Number Bracket

BRACKET SZN ends with a Wienerkur Special, as Keev has spent many hours preparing a 64 team bracket to determine the best uniform number in the core 4 of North American professional sports leagues.

To see the rosters click here, but don’t click on the “Bracket” tab unless you don’t mind spoilers.

336. Seinfeld Character Bracket (Part III)

Virus or no virus, BRACKET SZN continues on 32 Fans, as Keev and Alex welcome Sally Splasher back to determine the winner of the Seinfeld character bracket. (Click here to see the bracket if you don’t care about spoiling the results of this episode.) Furious arguments ensue as Alex, Keev and Sally delve into Seinfeld and unrelated matters.

335. Keev and Alex Discover Australian Rules Football

Bracket SZN continues with an extra-long podcast to help get you through COVID-19 isolation. Looking for a sport that it still playing games, Keev and Alex find their way to Melbourne, where they are joined by guests and married couple Shannon Gaitz and Peter Guss. Shannon and Peter have prepared a bracket for Alex and Keev to determine who their new favorite AFL teams will be.

Listen to Shannon’s Survivor podcasts on RHAP here. Listen to Peter’s fantasy (Aussie) football podcast here.

This episode’s outro is the fight song for Alex’s new favorite AFL team.

334. Seinfeld Character Bracket (Part II)

The quarantine can’t stop BRACKET SZN for 32 Fans! We’re back for part II of the bracket (spoilers in link) to determine the best Seinfeld character. This week we’re joined by listener and Seinfeld fanatic Amir.

333. Seinfeld Characters Bracket

It’s March, which means it’s Bracket Season here at 32 Fans. We kick off Bracket Season with a 64-person bracket to determine the greatest ever character in Seinfeld history. To break Alex/Keev ties we have a special guest, non-Seinfeld podcaster Ali Lasher.

If you don’t mind being spoiled, you can check out the bracket here.

332. The 2019 Beer Tournament (Part II)

The crowd is drunker, the audio is just as bad … but we’re back to determine once and for all the greatest beer … of the 32 beers that we randomly selected in late 2019.

331. Song of the 90s (Part V: The Thrifty 32) [Patreon Sneak Preview]

On the Patreon side Keev and Alex have been running a bracket to determine the best song of the 90s. A couple of weeks ago Keev wasn’t available, so he was replaced by the self-described “Queen of 90s Music” Jennifer Gonik Chester, M.D. So as a Patreon sneak preview to non-Patrons, in honor of President’s Day, today we present the Queen. (The Queen’s list of the best songs of the 90s is here.)

330. The 2019 Beer Tournament (Part I: The Thrifty 32)

Akiva comes to Chester’s house in New Jersey along with an audience of dozen to try 32 beers and crown a champ.

If you think the audio quality is bad now, just wait until they’re drunk in Part II next week.

329. Best 120 Movies of 2019

Av Sinensky (co-host of 32 Fans Movies, the Movie Ladder Podcast, and Pretty Pretty Pretty Good: A Curb Your Enthusiasm Podcast) joins Keev and Alex to discuss his favorite 120 movies of 2019.

This episode’s outro is Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show by Neil Diamond, from Av’s favorite movie of the year.

328. Super Bowl LIV Quick Reactions

Keev and Chester chat immediately after the Super Bowl.

This episode’s outro is Red Kingdom by KC’s own Tech N9ne.

327. Royal Rumble 2020

Keev and Alex begin by spending 20 minutes discussing the tragic untimely passing of Kobe Bryant.

Then they discuss WWE Royal Rumble 2020, featuring a brief cameo from a special guest.

326. NFL Teams of the Decade

With just one game remaining in the NFL decade that began with the 2010 regular season and ends with the final game of the 2019 season in Miami in two weeks, it’s time for Alex to announce his NFL teams of the decade (full chart available upon request). Keev and Alex also banter about Curb, politics, the origins of the NFL, The View, and other shenanigans.

This week’s outro is Places by the National Parks, recommended by patron Kyle King.

325. No More Football for Alex

The end of the Vikings season makes it hard for Alex to stay excited about football. But he ranks the best seven Conference Championship Sundays of the past 30 years.

This episode’s outro is another of Alex’s favorite 90s songs from the Godzilla soundtrack, Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai.

324. NFL Divisional Round Preview

Keev recaps last night’s Patreon episode and discusses the new NFL head coaches. Alex ranks the best Wild Card and Divisional Round weekends of the last 30 years. Then it’s time to recap what we saw last week and preview this weekend’s games.

This episode’s outro is Emile Mosseri’s version of “San Francisco” from The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

323. Best TV Shows of 2019 / NFL Wild Card Preview

Alex ranks his top 20 TV shows of 2019. At the 40 minute mark, Keev and Alex preview Wild Card weekend, with special guests joining to discuss the game of the week.

Click here to join Keev’s and Alex’s NFL playoff pool.

This episode’s outro is Running For So Long (House a Home) from The Peanut Butter Falcon.

322. Week 17 Picks

Keev and Alex talk playoff possibilities, fantasy football, make week 17 picks, and Keev drops his Billion Dollar Bowl Guarantees.

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas! And most importantly, on this December 23, Happy Festivus!

321. The 30 Best NFL Divisions in the Last 30 Years

Alex and Keev discuss the NFC West and where it ranks among the most competitive NFL divisions in our lifetimes. (Alex’s full ranking is available upon request.) They also make week 16 picks and give a sneak preview to some of Dr. Jen’s 90s music #hottakes that Patrons have been enjoying.

This episode’s outro is a cover of Don’t Fear the Reaper by the Spiritual Machines.

MoviePod – Racing Movie Tourney (feat. guest Bart Yasso)

Running may be the original sport but to determine the best racing movies of all time, we culled together humanity’s finest achievements in running, jockeying and driving on the silver screen. Running icon Bart Yasso (@BartYasso) joins us for the running films (first 33 minutes). We run down 21 racing movies — and yes, we included Ricky Bobby — with seven earning pole position to the 64 all-sports movie tournament taking place in March 2020.
You can check here to see the winners to date in our sports movie marathon, plus explore all the running movie rankings we aggregated to seed the movies reviewed by Bart.
For information on the Sara and Ryan Hall led group visit to Israel for the Jerusalem Marathon, see for details:  www.israelexplorer.com
The outre song is “The Distance” by Cake.

320. Week 15 Picks

This week Alex and Keev were supposed to rank the best NFL divisions ever, but an hour into the podcast they realized they’d forgotten, so that gets pushed to next week. Instead they make week 15 picks and argue about this week’s musical Patron episode, the Dallas Stars, Ryan Tannehill, and a listener idea for how to fix NFL replay.

This episode’s outro is The Weight, specifically the Band’s version featuring the Staples Singers that appears in the Scorsese rockumentary The Last Waltz. Why? Well look at the lyrics in the fourth stanza for a clue…

319. Listeners Guess the Week 14 Lines

Listeners compete against Alex and Keev to guess the week 14 lines. (See all the guesses here.)

This episode’s outro is Glad I Found You by Silver Jackson.

318. NFL Power Rankings; Scorsese Movie Power Rankings

Alex and Keev welcome the co-host (or is it permanent guest?) of the 32 Fans MoviePod, Av Sinensky, to rank every NFL team through 12 weeks and every Martin Scorsese feature through The Irishman.

Alex’s week 12 NFL power rankings can be seen here.

The cumulative Scorsese rankings (including Av’s) can be seen here.

This episode of 32 Fans is sponsored by Netflix. Netflix — not just for DVDs through the mail anymore! Sign up for Netflix and watch The Irishman today*!

* Tomorrow.

317. NFL Power Half Hour

Keev and Alex agree to spend exactly 60 seconds discussing every NFL team this week. Yet somehow the episode is far longer than 32 minutes…

This episode’s outro is Walking on a String by Matt Berninger feat. Phoebe Bridgers.

316. Ranking NFL Starting QBs by 2019 Salaries

This week Keev and Alex rank every starting quarterback taking into account their 2019 salary. The full rankings are here. They also briefly discuss the beer tournament and college football.

This week’s outro is Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America because, well, ya know…

MoviePod – Baseball Movie Tourney (feat. guest Jason Martinez)

All Hallows’ Eve and the World Series frame the 32 Fans Movies crew’s rundown of the best baseball movies. Joined by FanGraph’s Jason Martinez (@mlbdepthcharts) and with Josh Kanter subbing in for regular host Will Seamon, we discuss 24+ baseball movies, with six earning tickets to the 64 all-sports movie tournament taking place March 2020.

Check out the winners so far in the 32 Fans Movies sports movie marathons here — and the 30 rankings of baseball movies aggregated to seed the movies.

The outro song is “Willie Mickey and the Duke” by Terry Cashman.

315. The Top 16 Coaches in the NFL

Keev and Alex finally finish ranking NFL coaches.

This episode’s outro is What Comes After Certainty by non-NFL-head-coach Bill Callahan.

314. Congrats DC!

The Washington Nationals are World Series champs, and Keev slept through it. The guys start ranking the top 20 coaches in the NFL until a sudden interruption ends the podcast early.

Go to this week’s Patreon episode for more details.

This episode’s outro is Parliament celebrating Chocolate City.

313. Keev & Alex Start a Patreon

Keev and Alex announce intentions to start a Patreon, discuss the end of the Jewish holidays, and rank the bottom 12 head coaches in the NFL.

This episode’s outro is a song about Patron.

312. Week 7 Picks

Keev and Alex talk about the Jewish holidays and football, and a bunch of other stuff.

This week’s outro is I Want You In My Dreams by Tom Rosenthal.

MoviePod – Football Movie Tourney (feat. guest Robbie Wilkinson)

Texas football coach Robbie Wilkinson (@robwilkinson777) joins the moviepod hosts to decide the best football movies of all time, with six deserving movies earning tickets to the 64 all sports movie tournament 32Fans Movies is hosting in March 2020.
Any Given Sunday (holy freemasons, Batman!), Jerry Maguire (and Av’s mom) plus Rudy, Brian’s Song and the unheralded North Dallas Forty are among the 25 football movies that make a run at number one.
You can check here to see the winners to date in our sports movie marathon (hockey, tennis and more) , plus explore every online ranking of football movies. For more moviepod episodes, including coverage of Joker, Hustlers and the upcoming Parasites, see here.
The outre song is “Madden 2000 Theme” by Ludacris.

311. Week 6 Picks

Keev and Alex talk about the Jewish holidays and baseball and the NBA and Hong Kong. And make week 6 picks.

This week’s outro is Friday by 916frosty.

310. Week 5 Picks

Keev yells at Alex for forgetting his birthday, Alex announces his American League award winners and previews the Twins/Yankees ALDS, the guys discuss Rosh Hashanah and make week 5 NFL picks, and Keev gives some book recommendations.

This week’s outro is Seder Ha’Avoda by Ishay Ribo.

309. Recapping Week 3

Keev and Alex recap week 3 in the NFL (and the Emmy’s) and make picks for week 4.

This week’s outro is Magic Mountain by firekid.

308. Week 3 Picks

Alex and Keev talk about Elul, the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin, and make week 3 NFL picks.

This week’s outro is Two Faces by Bruce Springsteen.

307. The NFL is Back!

Keev and Alex go way past 32 minutes in their excitement to discuss NFL week 1.

Alex’s 2-year-old Eli makes his podcast debut and performs no worse than his namesake quarterback.

This week’s outro is My Stress by NF.

MoviePod: August Movies, Blinded By The Light and Our Favorite Box Office Bombs

Sammy Chester and Will Seamon are joined by Av Sinensky to discuss new releases of August 2019 and Blinded by the Light, as well as their favorite box office bombs.

1:50 Sidewalk Film Festival (incl. The Nightingale)
14:00 New Releases (incl. Good Boys and Ready or Not?)
25:33 Luce
35:55 Blinded by the Light
59:46 Favorite Box Office Bombs
1:10:29 Classics Corner

306. 32 Fans in 32 Days: Super Bowl Prediction

Football has finally arrived, and with it, Keev and Alex discuss the top two teams in their preseason power rankings while making their 2019 NFL predictions.

305. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #4 and #3 and Player Props

Keev and Alex discuss last year’s Super Bowl teams and then make picks for a bunch of season-long player prop bets.

304. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #6 and #5 and Week 1 Picks

Keev and Alex discuss the Royal RAANAP Rumble and two teams with Super Bowl aspirations and then make their week one picks.

303. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #7 (mit Gleicher)

Alex gets pulled away for the first half of the episode, but Keev doesn’t need him, as he’s joined by perennial favorite Ari Gleicher to preview the #7 team. Alex comes back and the guys go way long, but the bomb waits for no man.

302. 32 Fans in 32 Days: Is Bombing Your Father a Violation of the Fifth Commandment?

Alex is too down on the Vikings, so Keev brings in an older, better and wiser Mr. Chester to discuss the Vikings, the Gophers, Bill Belichick in college, and other matters.

301. 32 Fans in 32 Days: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (and Houston and Pittsburgh)

Keev and Alex talk about a movie they saw the other night, Alex ranks the Tarantino movies, and eventually the guys talk about two AFC teams whose ceilings are losing to the Patriots in the playoffs.

300. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #12 and #11

You really think Keev and Alex would waste their 300th episode talking about Alex’s most hated team (and maybe spending 3 to 28 seconds talking about another NFC rival)? Nah, they’ll spend most of it talking about Alex and Dr. Jen’s nightlife.

299. 32 Fans in 32 Days: The Juwann Bushell-Beatty Episode

Keev and sleepy Alex try to talk about two theoretically exciting teams, but instead spend a lot of time diving deep into a Cowboys practice squad offensive lineman.

Note that these two teams were ranked #15 and #14 when we recorded this episode, but were moved up one spot each when the Colts dropped from #8 to #16 upon the retirement of Andrew Luck.

298. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #15

The Indianapolis Colts were #8 in our power rankings. But with the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck, they have dropped, leading to this emergency podcast talk therapy with Colts fan and returning 32 Fans guest Jake Lewin.

297. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #16

Keev and Alex break their no-guests rule to welcome back Keev’s favorite ever roommate.

296. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #18 and #17

Keev and Alex finally start talking about teams with playoff aspirations.

295. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #19 and the Annual Preseason Quarterback Rankings

Keev and Alex discuss an NFC team and their quarterback’s preseason struggles and then do their annual preseason quarterback rankings.

Is this conversation too important to be bombed?

The ego on us!

Entire rankings can be seen here.

294. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #21 and #20

Alex is a scofflaw on the run from the New Jersey police and Keev previews his favorite team and another mediocre AFC franchise.

293. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #23 and #22

Keev and Alex finally learn their lesson and double up teams. But does that leave enough time to discuss the second team, or does the bomb come early for the _________ ______?

292. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #24

Keev introduces his Core Eight rankings while the guys discuss the 24th best team and the prominent TV show that currently features them. Alex doesn’t make it all the way through 32 minutes, but Keev steps up.

291. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #25

Today Alex and Keev talk about a team that has recently won a Super Bowl, but has now fallen on hard times. Running out of things to say, they also complete the NFL mascot bracket (full bracket here) and listen to a Bon Iver song.

290. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #26

Keev and Alex talk all-time NFC South team, NFL mascot bracket, and the 26th best team for the upcoming season.

289. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #27

Alex and Keev have had terrible luck with guests for the 27th ranked team, so it’s just as well that they don’t have one today.

288. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #28

Alex and Keev are back to discuss the 28th best team in the NFL for the upcoming season. This time with no technical difficulties!

287. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #29

Akiva and Alex are back. This time they get the football talk out of the way early, so that they can spend time talking about their wives and digging through garbage. Also, Akiva’s mic goes out at one point, leading to the glorious return of Alex’s terrible Akiva impression.

286. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #30

Akiva and Alex turn to another terrible team, and try to discuss anything else instead.

They also announce the rules for the 2019 edition of the 32 Fans Podcast Fantasy Football League. If you’re interested in joining, tell us in the Facebook group or email either of us at full name at gmail or DM us on Twitter.

285. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #31

For the second day in a row Alex and Keev try to talk about anything other than a terrible football team for 32 minutes.

284. Alex Comes to Long Island

Keev convinces Alex to come to Long Island. A bracket ensues.

(If you want to spoil yourself, here is the completed bracket.)

This week’s outro is an a capella version of Psalm 121 sung by Yosef Karduner.

283. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #32

Sunday of week 1 of the NFL regular season is 32 days away, so Alex and Keev are back to spend 32 minutes talking about the worst team in the NFL.

Or anything else they can think of to avoid spending 32 minutes talking about the worst team in the NFL.

MoviePod: July Movies & Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Will, Sammy and Av take a trip down memory lane to review Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, the 9th film from Quentin Tarantino. Before starting our spoiler filled review of Tarantino’s latest (36:35), we dive into other new movies we have recently seen, with Sammy sharing a few flicks from the Jerusalem Film Festival. We close out the episode by debating the best movies about Hollywood (1:11:30) before saying goodbye, as always, with Classics Corner (1:33).

Movies we recommend besides Once Upon A Time in Hollywood:

The Art of Self-Defense, The Farewell, Wild Rose, Parasite, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Blind Spot, Queen of Hearts, The Day Shall Come, Non-Fiction, Genesis (and Transit, if you have not seen it yet!).

If you enjoyed this episode, check out our previous episodes:

6. Sports Movies Bracket #1 – Soccer and Hockey (feat. special guest Lee Jutton)
5. Spider-Man: Far From Home and Midsommar
4. June Movies, Toy Story 4 and Movies From Childhood
3. May Movies, Booksmart and Malta Movies
2. April Movies, Avengers: Endgame and MCU Ranking
1. March Movies, High Flying Bird and Us

282. The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tournament

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, Keev and Alex are joined by Rob Cesternino, producer Scott St. Pierre and 32 fans (of ice cream, if not the podcast) at Ben & Jerry’s in Minneapolis to determine once and for all the best flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

If you want to watch the unedited video of the ice cream tournament, click here.

If you want to follow along with the bracket, click here. (If you want to spoil the podcast and just find out who won, click here to see the completed bracket.)

This episode’s outro is Ice Cream Man by Van Halen.

Special thank you to everyone at Ben & Jerry’s in Minneapolis, including Scott, Quinn and Dee.

281. Gritty vs. The Devil (feat. AJ Mass)

Mr. Met heard his name was on the streets last week, and so he’s here this week to rectify our errors. Or at least AJ Mass is, the man who once wore the giant baseball head. The mascot expert (buy his book here) dishes on what it’s really like to be a mascot, before being our third judge as we continue our mascot fight to the death bracket with 30 NHL mascots.

This week’s outro comes (spoiler alert) from Danzig.

MoviePod Special Bonus Episode: Spider-Man and Midsommar

Three episodes in one week?? Apparently yes, as it’s a special bonus episode of the 32 Fans MoviePod.

Sammy and Will are on the bench, but Av and Zach Brooks return along with first-time guest Josh Kanter to discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home (with spoilers). Check out Av’s rankings of all the Spider-Man movies here.

Then (40:00) Will tags in for Kanter and the guys dicuss Midsommar (some spoilers at 48:40).

280. Mascot Fight

Keev is in America and excited for the 32 Fans meetup in Minneapolis next week, but Alex wants to talk more NBA free agency and MLB at the All Star break. Keev and Alex announce a reality contest to fill the last spot in Alex’s fantasy football league. And then Alex reads a negative iTunes review which leads to a bracket.

Will & Sammy’s MoviePod: July

Will, Sammy and Av unveil their movie DNA, discussing Toy Story 4 before diving into the three movies that shaped their childhoods.
June movies we recommend, besides Toy Story 4:
The Last Black Man in San Francisco; Woman at War; Rolling Thunder Revue; Diamantino.
Classics Corner:
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003); Knock Knock (2015)

279. NBA Free Agency Madness

Keev and Alex can hardly keep up with all the craziness in the NBA. But with only Kawhi still uncommitted among the elite players, the guys rank the teams 30-1 based on their current rosters.

This week’s outro is in honor of the winners of free agency (spoiler: not the Knicks).

278. The Greatest Ever Minnesotan

Keev doesn’t want to talk about NBA free agency, Alex doesn’t want to talk about the Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals or 90 Day Fiance, so instead the guys create a bracket to determine the greatest Minnesotan of all time. (Click here to spoil yourself and see the bracket.)

This episode’s outro is Rock N Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis) by Prince.

Will & Sammy’s MoviePod: June

Booksmart may be our feature this month, but we fly far beyond the high schools of LA, discussing westerns, easterns and — with special guest Zach Brooks — the best movies ever associated with the island country of Malta (31:00), from the neo-noir of Bogart to the star power of Maximus, Achilles, Bond, and of course, Popeye.

The May movies we recommend, besides Booksmart:
John Wick 3; Deadwood; Funny Story, Shadow. And for those seeking a challenge, there is the Chinese dreamscape Long Day’s Journey into Night and a movie three decades in the making, The Killing of Don Quixote.

Classics Corner:
The Dawn Wall (2018); Kicking and Screaming (1995); Eyes Without a Face (1960)

277. The Bracket to Determine the Minnesota Food Bracket

Keev and Alex run through a bracket of ideas of which food should be in the food bracket podcast in Minnesota next month.

To see the bracket (spoiler alert), click here.

This week’s outro is Weird Al’s parody of Keev’s favorite for the bracket.

276. On the Wagon or Off the Wagon?

32 Fans is back after taking its first ever week off. Keev and Alex argue about Minnesota logistics and the NBA Finals and Keev gives Alex a Sporcle quiz in which the self-proclaimed chartmaker embarrasses himself.

This week’s outro is Fell Off the Wagon by Joseph Huber. (Or is it on the Wagon?).

275. The Top 20 TV Shows of 2019 (So Far)

This week Alex wants to talk about the season/series finales of a bunch of his favorite TV shows, but all Keev wants to do is plan the upcoming trip to Minnesota.

This week’s outro is the Eurovision performance by Shalva, which really needs to be seen more than listened to (also click here to learn the band’s backstory).

274. Seinfeld Trivia: Abie vs. Madi

Seinfeld trivia champ Abe Sutton challenges an 11-year-old for the 32 Fans Seinfeld Trivia Championship.

In lieu of a Game of Thrones discussion (click here for a podcast that encapsulates Alex’s feelings, or here for a much better way for GOT to have gotten to the same outcome), this week’s outro is Let Down by Radiohead.

273. 2019 Champion of Europe (Part II)

Last week Keev and Alex and guest Pia Virolainen began a bracket to determine the 32 Fans Podcast 2019 Champion of Europe. This week we pick up with the Thrifty 32 and determine a winner.

The bracket (blank from the Thrifty 32) can be seen here.

The completed bracket (spoiler warning!) can be seen here.

This week’s outro is from the winning country’s most famous rapper.

Will & Sammy’s MoviePod: May

Avengers: Endgame is on track to become the biggest movie of all time, wrapping up a 22-film saga a dozen years—and nearly 20 billion dollars – in the making. To handle this mad titan, Will & Sammy are joined by Av Sinensky, the original 32 Fans movie pundit and an unabashed MCU superfan. And since this is 32 Fans, we aggregated 50 separate rankings of all 22 MCU movies, to compile the most authoritative MCU film ranking of all time.

The April movies we recommend (besides Avengers: Endgame):

The Mustang – Will; An Elephant Standing Still – Sammy (WARNING: 4+ hours, Chinese and bleak as hell)

Classics Corner:

Moon 2009 (Av); Catch Me If You Can 2002 (Will); Cannibal Holocaust 1980 (Sammy)

272. Alex & Keev Try to Start World War III (the European Championship Bracket Part I)

This week Alex & Keev conduct a bracket to determine the best country in Europe. Since we’re shamefully ignorant Americans, we invite European expert Pia Virolainen to help.

Spoiler alert: We get so deep into the weeds of the smallest countries of Europe that after an hour we’ve only made it to the Thrifty 32. So come back next week for the thrilling conclusion of the 32 Fans 2019 European Championship.

To see the current status of the bracket (with the top 16 seeds who got first round byes redacted, to maintain suspense for the reveal of the Thrifty 32 next week), click here.

This week’s outro is the Anthem of Europe. If the countries of Europe can’t unite in their collective hatred of this podcast, there’s no hope of them ever uniting.

271. 32 Fans Mock NFL Draft

After Alex no-showed the 2018 draft, he’s back with Keev to welcome Jordan Kalish for the annual 32 Fans mock NFL draft, where our guests don’t predict who their teams will take, but instead pick who they wish their team would take. Thank you to all our drafters, and don’t worry if you made a bad pick. No matter how dumb you may be, you can’t possibly be as dumb as the Raiders. Click here to follow all of our drafters on Twitter and to see our complete draft.

This episode’s outro is this crazy NFL draft remix made by some YouTube weirdo.

Will & Sammy’s MoviePod

We interrupt your regularly scheduled 32 Fans pod to bring you the debut episode of Will & Sammy’s MoviePod. Will Seamon and Sammy Chester are both 32 Fans listeners and movie fanatics. One of them is related to one of the 32 Fans co-hosts. He also just ran the Boston Marathon, and his brother feels bad that he didn’t go to Boston to cheer him on, so instead he agreed to publish this podcast.

Will and Sammy discuss the movies they liked and disliked from the first three months of 2019 (8:30), with a special focus on High Flying Bird (31:20) and Us (43:00).

Let us know if you like it and if you want to hear more of this. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. Also let us know if you hate this and never want to hear it again.

And by the time you’re listening to this, Sammy finished the Boston Marathon and then flew across the world with 5 of his nephews. So congrats and thank you, Sammy!

270. Sports TV Theme Song Bracket

We said that with the end of March so ended bracket season at 32 Fans, but we lied. If the NCAA’s March Madness can continue until April, so can 32 Fan’s March Madness.

There’s nothing TV loves as much as a spinoff, so this week Keev and Alex spinoff from the TV theme song bracket to create a sports TV theme song bracket. The blank bracket is here (includes links to all the songs) for those who want to follow along. If you want to ruin the podcast for yourself, you can spoil it by seeing the completed bracket here.

Listeners are encouraged to play this episode at 1x speed. Drink it in, it all goes down smooth.

This week’s outro is the winner of this week’s podcast.

269. NBA Extravaganza: Regular Season Awards and Playoff Preview

Keev and Alex talk about lying to their kids and Jewish weddings, play a Game of Thrones screen time game, and rank the preferred destinations for Zion Williamson. Alex drops a take that Keev thinks is going to get him canceled. The guys pretend to know something about hockey, but then focus on the NBA end-of-season awards and make playoff predictions.

This week’s outro is Old Town Road by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus.

268. #GOT2020 & “Mets Preview” with Rob Cesternino

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones and even more characters running for president in 2020, so Alex, who two years ago compared every NFL team to a GOT character, compares every 2020 POTUS aspirant to a GOT character.

Then (at 43 minutes) Keev’s better half (Rob Cesternino) joins 32 Fans, purportedly for the annual Mets/MLB preview. But the conversation immediately gets off the rails and turns into a meandering banter session that covers a variety of topics, including the necessity of keeping a personal calendar, Game of Thrones character power rankings, whether Rob should join 32 Fans in Minnesota, how Orthodox Jewish traditions seem to outsiders, and Rob and Akiva scheduling their upcoming podcasts. (It’s also possible that baseball is discussed for five minutes.)

267. The Final Bracket of Bracket Month

Fresh off recording a 332-hour podcast for another feed, Keev and Alex are back with plans for a 32 Fans road trip and the final bracket of Bracket Month 2019.

If you want to spoil yourself, today’s bracket can be seen here.

This episode’s two outros are the winner of the TV Show Theme Song Bracket and the song that won Alex’s bracket (which is here).

266. March Madness

Keev and Alex fill out their bracket and make Purim plans.

With all this talk about bubble teams, this episode’s outro is Paul Simon’s terrible song The Boy in the Bubble.

265. Bracket Month: The Best NBA All-College Team (Part II)

Jared Jerome returns to complete the bracket and determine which college could create the best ever NBA team.

Click here to see the team rosters and the complete bracket.

264. Bracket Month: The Best NBA All-College Team

Keev and Alex welcome Jared Jerome of DailySportsStat fame as they make NBA all star teams comprised of alumni from every major college basketball program in an effort to determine which school has produced the greatest NBA players.

Spoiler alert: We get down from 48 to 16 teams on this week’s podcast, but the Sweet 16 through championship game will have to wait until next week. Click here to see the team rosters and bracket. (But don’t click on the “bracket” tab before you listen unless you want to be spoiled!)

263. Bracket Month: The Best AAF Player

Upon listener request, Alex ranks every player in the AAF, and then Keev judges a bracket to determine the best player in a league that may not still be in existence by the time you finish listening to this episode. For those who have no interest in the AAF, this basically is a 2010s version of “let’s remember some guys“.

For those interested in seeing Alex’s entire AAF chart, including the 32 Fans bracket, click here.

Then (23:40), the guys preview next week’s bracket, which will be determining which school’s alumni make the best all-time NBA team. When Akiva’s audio drops out, Alex is forced to pull double duty.

Today’s outro is the NPR Tiny Desk Concert by Ninet, a band whose lead singer also stars in Alex’s favorite TV show of 2019.

262. Oscars Preview: The Top 20 Movies of 2018

Av Sinensky returns to tell us about the very best movies of 2018.

(Please note there are slight spoilers for A Star is Born, so when we start discussing that movie, skip forward a few minutes if you still haven’t seen it but would like to do so unspoiled.)

This episode’s outro is All The Stars from the movie Av thinks is most likely to be remembered as the movie of 2018 (our first ever repeat outro?).

261. Av’s Top 99 Movies of 2018

Av Sinensky is back with his favorite 99 movies of 2018. Well, his 99th to 21st favorite moves of 2018, because the top 20 are coming next week. (Here’s a better movie about the raid on Entebbe than the one that came out this year.)

(Note there’s a Tully spoiler alert at the 1:06 mark.)

This episode’s outro is from a band Alex loves but a movie he hates.

260. The 20 Most Devastating Super Bowl Losses of All Time

Keev and Alex spoke on the phone for a few hours this afternoon, and eventually they remembered to press record and turn it into a podcast. At some point they discuss Alex’s ranking of the most devastating Super Bowl losses ever.

If you have any ideas for future 32 Fans episodes, hit us up!

Today’s outro will be familiar to listeners of Keev’s other podcast.

259. Recapping the Royal Rumble

Keev forces Alex to watch the WWE Royal Rumble.

Click here to read Alex’s ranking of the 25 most devastating conference championship losses ever.

This episode’s outro is All My Friends by the Revivalists.

258. Reacting to Newsworthy Events Two Days Too Late

This podcast should have come out earlier than Tuesday night. But here we are, two days later, talking about bowling, the Patriots’ underwhelming season, Alex’s ongoing hostility to the Saints, Tony Romo’s career options, Dr. Jen’s spa day, Alex’s introduction to the UFC, the WWE Royal Rumble, Super Bowl LIII, Alex’s preferred candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, airplane food and the baseball HOF.

Today’s outro is Celebrate by Dirty Heads featuring The Unlikely Candidates.

257. Only Three Football Games Remaining

There are only three football games remaining this season. Should we cherish them and analyze each with deep intensity? Or should we spend the podcast arguing about Adam Gase, chocolate cereals, book recommendations, and the NHL All Stars?

Also, a warning: If you found Bradley Cooper’s voice annoying in A Star is Born, be prepared to love Alex’s voice on today’s episode.

256. Chicago Bears: No, Señor!

Alex knows what it’s like to lose a playoff game on a field goal, so he welcomes Chicago Bears fan and his League of Leagues co-owner Josh Kanter to describe what it felt like to lose to the Eagles.

This episode’s outro is Thanks 4 Nothing by Nilüfer Yanya.

255. Who to Root for in the NFL Playoffs?

Keev and Alex discuss disasters like the Vikings collapse, Louis CK’s new standup, and going to restaurants with your kids. They also rank the playoff teams in terms of rooting interest, rank the 8 open head coaching positions in attractiveness (and Alex determines how many of those coachless teams’ fan bases are better off than Vikings fans), and make their wild card picks.

This week’s intro and outro courtesy of the Paul Allen show on KFAN 100.3 FM and Brian McKnight.

254. Top 10 Podcasts of 2018

Alex’s mic is on vacation for Christmas, but Keev is fired up to talk about a 2010 Jets playoff game, the top podcasts of 2018, NFL week 17, and the NFL MVP.

253. Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

Keev and Alex rate their top TV shows of the year. They also discuss Jewish foods, birthday presents for their wives, and NFL week 16.

If you want to see Keev’s top 10 and Alex’s complete list, click here.

This week’s outro is the opening credits to Alex’s top TV show of the year.

252. Ranking Every Team Nickname from 1-123.

This week Alex & Keev decided to rank the names of every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL for no particular reason. Later Alex cries about Harold Baines making the baseball Hall of Fame and warns Keev of the danger of relying on a Vikings kicker. At the end of the episode Keev tries to give a live read of his Twitter feed, but technical difficulties lead to the return appearance of a beloved special guest.

Click here to see Alex & Keev’s full ranking of team nicknames. Let us know who won.

This episode’s outro is Royals by Lorde, which was inspired by a great team nickname.

251. NFL Week 14 Preview

Keev and Alex discuss Chanukah presents, the big Mets trade, the college football final four and the biathlon (well only Keev, obviously, based on those topics) before turning to week 14 of the NFL season.

At the end of the podcast Keev gets a live request from Sammy Chester to discuss a Chester family drama of which Alex isn’t even aware.

This episode’s outro is Bohemian Chanukah by Six13.

250. The Bicenquinquagenary Celebration

Akiva and Alex celebrate the 250th episode of 32 Fans by discussing marathons, the baseball HOF ballot, NFL week 13, and a bunch of unrelated topics.

This week’s outro is 250 Miles by Radio Moscow.

249. Ranking All 15 NFL Games Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Week 11 was one of the greatest we’ve seen in a while. Will Week 12 be as exciting? Spoiler alert: No.

248. Akiva Complains about Another Chester

Akiva complains about another Chester and then previews NFL week 11 and (one week too soon) Thanksgiving dinner.

This week’s outro is Kate McCannon by Colter Wall.

247. Midseason Power Rankings

With the NFL regular season past the midway point, Keev and Alex pause to give their midseason power rankings.

This week’s outro is Halfway Home by TV on the Radio.

246. Week 9 Minisode

Alex is distracted by the news and then by trick-or-treaters, but he joins with Keev to pick winners and losers of NFL week 9.

This week’s outro is New Blood by Zayde Wolf.

245. NFL Coach Rankings

Keev spoils Making a Murderer, Alex recaps cheating in his beloved AYFFL, the guys credit Pat Shurmer for his correct understanding of math, Merril Hoge turns out not to be a scientist, and the guys debut their 2018 head coach rankings.

This week’s outro is Age of Man by Greta Van Fleet.

244. 2018-19 NBA Preview

Keev and Alex may root for teams headed in the wrong direction, but that won’t stop them from previewing the 2018-19 NBA season, using Alex’s preseason NBA power rankings.

Click here to join the 32 Fans 2019 NBA Pool!

This episode’s outro is No Time, No Hope by Times New Viking.

243. The Cereal Tournament

Keev and Alex and future cereal author Abe Sutton are joined by a live crowd of cereal lovers to eat 62+ bowls of cereal and determine which cereal reigns supreme in 2018.

242. NFL Overachievers and Underacheivers

With the cereal tournament over, Keev and Alex turn to week 6 of the NFL season.

This week’s outro is Cousins by Vampire Weekend.

241. The Episode Before the Cereal Episode

Alex hasn’t seen football in two weeks, which is why his keeps pick on hitting. Keev is way more excited about cereal than he’s ever been about football. But we ostensibly preview NFL week 5.

This week’s outro is Steven Malcolm’s Cereal Remix featuring Sadie Robertson.

240. Keev Turns 35; Cereal Podcast Preview

Keev turns 35 and wants to talk about cereal. Alex reviews Israeli eateries. NFL week 4 is briefly discussed.

This week’s outro is White Flag by Bishop Briggs.

239. Around the NFL in 32 Minutes

Alex and Keev spend 60 seconds discussing every team through 2 weeks.

This episode’s outro is Rorschach by Typhoon.

238. Recapping Week 1 and Picking Week 2

For the first time in the history of this podcast, both Alex’s and Keev’s teams are in first place at the same time. How will they handle it? Should they plan to bunk up in Atlanta in February?

This week’s outro is Ties by Years & Years.

237. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #5 Los Angeles Rams

We wrap up the 2018 edition of 32F32D with the return of Bear Mader, host of the Locked on Rams podcast and co-host of Rams Podcast.
Today’s outro is All The Stars (which represents both LA and the Rams pretty well).

236. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #9 Atlanta Falcons

Harry Schaefer drops by to express optimism about the Falcons regular season — which starts TODAY — and concern for their postseason chances.

Today’s outro is Paper Boi.

235. Keev & Alex Preview the 2018 NFL Season

The NFL starts tomorrow night, which means it’s time for Keev & Alex to recap all the 32 Fans episodes and preview the 2018 season, with team win total over/unders, playoff predictions and week one picks.

Special attention is given to the Bills, Broncos, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Cardinals, Lions and Panthers, who we deemed too boring to merit their own podcasts. (Discerning listeners will notice that two teams aren’t listed here and also haven’t had their own episodes this season. Hmm could there be more episodes tomorrow and Friday?)

Today’s outro is the best way to get pumped for the return of football football football football football football football football!

234. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #6 (tied) Jacksonville Jaguars

Alban Brooke, head of marketing for Buzzsprout Podcasting, is back after a long absence to talk about his Jaguars.

Today’s outro is Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard.


233. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #24 (tied) New York Giants

Yoni Wiesel returns to the podcast to complain about the Giants front office.

Today’s outro is Doused by DIIV.


232. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #23 Miami Dolphins

Mike Woodburn, aka Leprechaun Leon, moderator of the Dolphins subreddit and co-host of the Phins Up Phans Down podcast, tells us whether we should care about the Dolphins, now that they have a QB who actually does. Keev and Mike pretend that the Jets/Dolphins “rivalry” is something that the rest of the NFL pays attention to.

Today’s outro is La Ecuación by Raquel Sofía.

231. College Football Preview 2018

College Football expert Superfan Robby Weisenfeld ranks the 5 worst fan bases in college football before making predictions for the 2018 CFB season.

Today’s outro is Die For Alabama by firekid.

230. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #1 (tied) Philadelphia Eagles

Has Shamir Seidman stopped crowing since the Eagles won the Super Bowl and their fans destroyed Center City Philadelphia? He has not. Will this be an enjoyable listen for fans of the Cowboys, Washington PFC, Giants, Vikings, Patriots, etc.? It will not. Do Alex and Keev interrupt their arguments about who to draft in the 32 Fans 32 Person Fantasy League? They do not.

Today’s outro is “Wedding Singer” by Modern Baseball.

229. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #12 (tied) Kansas City Chiefs

Jawhawk Cole Hogan returns to 32 Fans to preview the Kansas City Chiefs and also preview KU’s incoming basketball team.

Today’s outro is Ricochet by CES Cru.

228. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #29 Cleveland Browns

Raanan Lefkovitz is back to commiserate about the Browns … or is he actually really hyped for this season? Could there really be joy in Cleveland post-LeBron? Does Raanan count the Browns’ 1964 NFL Championship as a Super Bowl victory (Negative III)?

Today’s outro is Wristwatch Wishes by The Whiskey Hollow.

227. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #30 (tied) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No Jameis for the first three weeks of the season for the Bucs, and no Alex for this podcast, so Keev is one-on-one with Kyle Appleyard from Word of the Bay podcast. While we know Keev supports Jameis off the field, the real question is does Kyle support Jameis on it?

Today’s outro is Hush by Automatic Loveletter.

226. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #24 (tied) Oakland Raiders

For the second year in a row, Alex is in Florida working when Adam Brooks calls in to discuss the Oakland Raiders. This year he must be working harder though, because Akiva is solo with his former classmate.

Today’s outro is Saint Stephen by Dylan In The Movies.

225. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #1 (tied) New England Patriots

For the fourth year in a row, we’re forced to welcome Mike Clark to hear about how great the Patriots are. Mike, when not rooting for the despicable Patriots and Yankees, is the host of Pilot SZN.

Today’s outro is Take a Walk by Passion Pit which, like Mike Clark, is one of the things from New England that we actually like.

224. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #30 (tied) New York Jets

Keev couldn’t be bothered to show up for Alex’s Vikings podcast, but does Alex show up for the Jets episode? Does soccer/Jets expert Harold show up, or is movie/Jets expert Av the only guest today? Does Cian Fahey start tweeting crazy QB hottakes about the Jets? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Today’s outro is “Never Going Back” by Caveman, a band in New York City, which means it has nothing in common with any of our guests, or the New York Jets!

223. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #15 San Francisco 49ers

Oscar Aparicio from the Niners podcast Better Rivals has been a guest with us several times before, but never coming into a season with so much promise for his team.

Today’s outro is Ain’t No Easy Way by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


222. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #10 Green Bay Packers

As so it ever should be, the Packers come after the Vikings. Zach Richler is better than most Packers fans, because he’s not actually from Wisconsin. Will Alex convince this friendly Canadian to stop rooting for a bunch of inbred cheesef*ckers? Will Alex even appear on the podcast two days in a row?

Today’s outro is Bygone by Volcano Choir who, unlike Zach, is from Wisconsin.

221. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #3 Minnesota Vikings

Alex previews his favorite team with his favorite YouTube star, Funky Dunkleman (aka Ryan Skorich). There’s nothing better than talking Minnesota sports for 45 minutes without Keev and his trollish interruptions!

If you haven’t read it yet, check out the Jalen Ramsey interview in GQ where he discusses every NFL QB by name.

Today’s outro is a live version of Good Kisser, by Lake Street Dive, a band named for a street in Uptown Minneapolis.

220. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #8 Houston Texans

Can any of the Texans stars stay healthy long enough for this team to meet expectations? Can Keev and Alex ever show up for an entire podcast together? Is Matthew Weston unreasonably optimistic about one or both of those prospects? You have to listen to find out, because the author of this recap hasn’t yet listened to the episode, so he has no idea!

The outro is Golden by The Tontons, who the author of this recap has been told are from Houston.

219. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #4 New Orleans Saints

No Keev? No problem! Alex and Paul Elliott the Saints (and Seinfeld) fan reminisce on the Minneapolis Miracle and how the Saints can move forward in 2018.

Today’s outro is Right Place Wrong Time by Dr. John.

218. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #28 Indianapolis Colts

Alex is back, which means it’s time to talk NFL division power rankings, Kevin Love’s fantasy value, Sam Darnold training camp accolades … oh, and the 2018 Colts with Jake Lewin.

Today’s outro is John Hiatt with Feels Like Rain.

217. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #14 Dallas Cowboys

Jordan Parhar makes his annual appearance to discuss (he’s past defending) Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Today’s outro is Coming Home by Leon Bridges (who unlike Jordan, is actually from the DFW).

216. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #19 Seattle Seahawks

Last week we spoke to Ari Gleicher, who lives in Seattle, to talk about the Bears, who Alex hates (he ranks them 8 spots lower than Keev does), yet Alex only provided pro-Bears stats.

So today we speak to Josh Grashin, who lives near Chicago (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), to talk about the Seahawks, who Alex loves (he ranks them 8 spots higher than Keev does), yet Alex provides only anti-Seahawks stats.

If you think this makes Alex hypocritical and dumb, you’ll love Keev’s new segment.

Today’s outro is The Funeral by Band of Horses, a Seattle band led by not Bill Barnwell.

215. Fantasy Advice with 2001 Bill Simmons

We interrupt your regularly scheduled team previews to bring you a reading of a 17 year old fantasy football column by Bill Simmons.

This episode’s outro was the #1 song in America the week this column came out.

214. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #22 Washington

Steve Apter is back to talk about the Washington professional football team.

Today’s outro is Bottled in Cork by the DC band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

213. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #26 Chicago Bears

After two consecutive weeks in which our podcasts were dedicated to trashing Mitchell Trubisky, is it possible we’re wrong? We’ll find out from annual Bears guest Ari Gleicher. Or maybe we just spend the whole time talking about Charles Nagy, Jay Leno, Anthony Miller, and other 1990s celebrities.

Today’s outro is Swing Life Away by the Chicago band Rise Against.

212. 32 Fans in 32 Days: #21 Cincinnati Bengals

We are 32 days from the NFL regular season, which means it’s time for 32 fans in 32 days! We start the 2018 edition by welcoming back Zach Sosna to tell us how the 21st-ranked Bengals are going to disappoint him this year.

Today’s outro is Anna Sun by Cincinnati’s own Walk the Moon.

211. Preseason QB Rankings

No Cian (who was fired from ESPN, according to his own words, for “being ignorant”), so this week Keev and Alex debut their own preseason NFL QB rankings. Keev also rants about judging scandals in his local children’s gymnastics competition and the Ringer’s TV episode rankings. Watch the Wienerkur performance here. See Alex and Keev’s QB rankings here.

This week’s outro song is Deathless by Ibeyi feat. Kamasi Washington.

210. Alex & Akiva: Superstar Athletes

Alex starts today’s podcast on a pretty serious topic (1-800-273-TALK).

Later Keev makes fun of three bad tweets and the guys discuss the WNBA All Stars before reminiscing about their greatest (worst?) ever personal sports moments.

Today’s outro is Fire and Rain by James Taylor.

209. Bye Bye Kawhi